Springtime Statue with Umbrella

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OGGI has a beautiful range of fountains, water features, water walls, urns, planters, garden features, garden art, garden products, concrete products and statuary to suit a wide range of budgets and designs - all made in Wa and factory direct. The OGGI range caters to all tastes and styles, from Classic Mediterranean, Federation and Tuscan to Contemporary and Asian designsincluding this lovely Springtime Statue with Umbrella. For many years OGGI customers have been enjoying the very best of traditional quality and attention to detail, along with consistently excellent value. The team at OGGI take seriously designing world class pieces to suit all your water feature, planter, urn, statuary and other garden art needs including the lovely Children on Seat. Visit OGGI�s extensive showroom and discover for yourself the OGGI Garden Art difference.

Meet the vendor:

Oggi Stonecraft

Phone: 9371 9191
Email: sales@oggi.com.au
Website: www.oggi.com.au
Address: 222 Collier Road, Bayswater
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